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Well-Read episode #31 - Books about the Lowcountry

This week, we're featuring books that take place in the Lowcountry! Whether you live here or you're armchair traveling, you'll learn about some great titles that will take you to our beautiful island home. As always, we'll end with what we're reading this week.


In Biblio Novitas #4 - Beaufort District Collection 101

Grace Cordial, Coordinator of the Beaufort District Collection, shares the what, when, where, how and why of Beaufort County's premier archive.


Beaufort County Library

Well-Read episode #30 - Books about Libraries & Librarians

By listener request, we're talking about books that feature libraries and librarians! And we'll close with what we're reading this week.

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The Value of Historical (and Permanent) Vertical Files

Historical vertical files can sometimes prove to be among the most useful collections of materials in a library or archives. They become especially valuable when viewed in a special local history collection and archives context. Sometimes an historical vertical file is the only place where one can find a ticket stub to a significant performance of a local play, a photograph of a church event, a railroad schedule, deed to a property, or a clue about just how influential an event or person may have been when it came to politics back in the day.Read More...

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