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CLOP; clip-CLOP; clip-CLOP.
Belgians plod, hauling cargo.
Beaufort tourists gawk.
(Submitted by Brenda Beasley-Forrest)

Aromas swirling
Salted air, pluff mud, lilies
a Beaufort Easter
(Submitted by Library Staff)

Sunshiney river
Birds darting; dipping
Insect buzzing stops
(Submitted by Lin Mix)

Little hummocks in the river
Cool breeze blowing over
Tide's coming in
(Submitted by Lin Mix)

Celebrate National Poetry Month with your kids at local libraries

 April is National Poetry Month, and we invite you to celebrate with the Beaufort County Public Library system. Your local library has plenty of poetry books for all ages, and there are several upcoming events for you to enjoy.Read More...

BDC Offers Preservation Tips

As the Library system’s special local history collection and archives, the BDC is responsible for providing good stewardship of the cultural heritage materials we hold in trust for the community. Preservation Week allows us to highlight what we can do, individually and together, to preserve our personal and shared collections. We want to help you take better care of your family history "stuff."

“Preserving Your Family Treasures with Grace”

Show Your Love for Libraries

Public libraries are tasked with serving a broad swath of the American public, from birth to the grave, with an ever broadening variety of materials and technologies. Yes, we serve school children but we also have to serve the toddler, the mother, the great-grandfather. We struggle to adapt to evolving needs and expectations of our community while maintaining older strategies of knowledge dissemination always under financially constricted conditions. It is a constant juggling act - usually with insufficient funds and staff to do all that we need to do for our communities.Read More...

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